Electronics R&D

Electronics R&D

  • Development and layout of analog/digital/mixed hardware components
  • Design of circuits including microprocessors, DSP and field programmable logic (CPLD, FPGA, PSoC™)
  • Firmware design
  • Interfaces to peripherals such as sensors/actuators
  • Interfaces for distributed control, involving field buses
  • Layout and assembly of PCBs.



High frequency design

High Frequency Design

  • Position and time measurement by means of GPS 
  • Data acquisition and transmission (by cable or wireless) 
  • Microwave sensors 
  • Microstrip circuit design 
  • Antenna design


Embedded software

Embedded Software

  • Firmware design (uP, DSP) 
  • Servo systems
  • LabVIEW™ on embedded systems 
  • Super-Resolution spectral analysis 
  • DSP algorithms (signal processing, motion control)
  • Distributed control (CAN, Ethernet)
  • Fuzzy Logic Expert Systems and Applications

Data acquisition and control

Data Acquisition & Control

  • Industrial controls
  • Building control (Lonworks®)
  • Interfaces to PLCs 
  • Interfaces to peripherals such as sensors/actuators 
  • Motion control 
  • Process visualization
  • LabVIEW™ software application development